WPC2: San Francisco “Afloat” at Sunset

My second entry for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge theme is “Afloat”.

I took this photo with my phone camera (then an HTC Evo 3D) from Treasure Island — a man-made island in the San Francisco Bay.

San Francisco night shot from Treasure Island web

It was a unique evening and sunset, with light that seemed to glow from behind the city of San Francisco, giving it a floating kind of feel.  I wish I had a camera aside from my phone camera that night, as there surely would have been some fantastic images from that evening.

Still….I’m happy I have this one, even if the image quality is lacking.

And a tip to photographer visitors to San Francisco, going across the Bay Bridge and taking the Treasure Island exit will give you some great shots of this beautiful “City by the Bay”.  You can see the Bay Bridge (lit at left on the photograph) and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge from Treasure Island.

7 thoughts on “WPC2: San Francisco “Afloat” at Sunset

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  2. Beautiful shot! I have to agree that there’s a floaty feel about this photo. It looks like the city of SF is floating on water 😀 I’d also say the photo looks dreamy and it looks a bit like a dream…a shiny, bright city in the distance where people are still out and about and living life.

    It’s always annoying when you want to take a photo and you don’t have a good camera with you, isn’t it. The other day I went out during lunch at work, had a delicious looking ham bagel and wanted to snap a photo of it…only to realise I left my camera at my desk!

    • Photographers and people who have blogs completely understand 🙂 These days, I’m doing pretty well at remembering the camera, plus the new version of my phone (HTC One) has a much better camera.

      Thanks for the visit and comment, Mabel. The articles on your blog — and your perspective as an Asian — and multiculturalism — living in Australia are so interesting (http://mabelkwong.com/)!

      • Cameras on phones have been better over the years…but I still think a cheap point-and-shoot gives us better photos over it. And if we don’t like the way a photo turns out, there’s always editing and post-processing.

        Thank you for the nice comments, appreciate it 🙂

    • Thank you :). There is so much to see / to do in San Francisco, and we lived there for several years when my daughter was younger, and I worked there for many more years. Whether coming from the East or the peninsula side, I usually always have to take a breath and say, there it is…San Francisco…to acknowledge how beautiful it is. It is scenic and truly one of the great American cities.

      What region did you live in when you were in the U.S. ZL?

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