WPC Wall: Cherished personal artwork on our walls

This week, the WordPress Photo Challenge theme from Cheri Lucas Rowlands is WALL…

From the interior walls of our home, to our book club’s Facebook wall, to the community bulletin board at the local market, walls are the canvases of our lives: where stories are read, voices are heard, ideas are shared. Much can be revealed from the items on a wall, from old postcards to long-forgotten flyers.

Items on the walls in our home that reflect something personal, something that a loved one made is what I cherish the most.

From the artwork of our grandsons…

Wall of art

to our daughter’s drawing…

Wall of daughter art web

a gift to her father for Christmas, in 2009…

Wall art from daughter web

To see entries for this weekly photo challenge, click here, and to participate, consider…

…the walls you’ve erected and decorated, the halls you walk down each day, or the exteriors you’ve ignored or neglected. What do these walls reveal about a place, people, or you?

It will be fun to look for interesting walls outside our home, with this prompt.

13 thoughts on “WPC Wall: Cherished personal artwork on our walls

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    • That one is by my younger grandson, Gabriel, I think he was 6 when he made that, and I’ve always liked it too, especially that the little chicks are going different directions and he shaped the beaks differently. So cute. Thank you for the visit and the comment 🙂

  2. Thank you, Jane 🙂 I couldn’t tell if they were eggs or “poop”, haha, lets just say eggs, …yes they are shaped like eggs. He went through this whole funny penguins and poop period, too (he may deny it when he is a bigger boy, but it is documented here on the comment section).

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