WPC Motion 2: Always in motion

Kids seem to be always in motion…

Always in motion

Ball in motion

Photos from the box…scanned and now digitized :).  A favorite set of photos from when my daughter was around 8, and now she has 2 sons, one of whom is now also 8 years old!

I like that the photo captured the joy of just being a kid and running around the backyard, and the ball in motion, of course…

Post for the weekly WordPress Photo Challenge theme of Motion.

7 thoughts on “WPC Motion 2: Always in motion

    • Ahhh…that is what they are called, “Vintage”…love it! I’m enjoying taking my vintage photos out of the box and digitizing to post. I feel as if I’m preserving family history, and someday maybe my grandsons will see this blog and their mom’s photo as a young girl.

      Thanks for the comment and visit, Paula — now that I think of it, I’m also “vintage” like the photo 🙂

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