WordPress Photo Challenge: Serenity – Surfer at Sunset

Sunsets for me evoke serenity…and lately, the sunsets here on the Central Coast of California have been spectacular.

California surfer at sunset web

Surfer at sunset at Fort Ord Dunes State Park (California). Photo via my HTC One phone camera.

At the recently opened Fort Ord Dunes State Park, my sunset image became more interesting with the added silhouette of a surfer who was in the same area to watch the sunset after surfing.

I met him after I took the photo, and it turns out he is a photographer and takes photographs of waves while surfing — how cool is that!

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One of the first photo challenges I participated in…(a “blogging experiment”) when the theme was the color blue.

My little surfers in training (in Pacifica, near San Francisco, CA)…(click on photo to see the series posted for the challenge)

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15 thoughts on “WordPress Photo Challenge: Serenity – Surfer at Sunset

    • Thank you, Nicole! There are so many fantastic photographs for these challenges, and it is sometimes intimidating for amateurs and forever newbies like me to participate. Still…what a great way to see other perspectives, to get ideas on how to take better photographs 🙂 and the best part, to travel vicariously and see other parts of the world through the blogger / photographer’s viewpoint.

        • Thanks again, Nicole.

          Oh I was wondering, since you hosted a photo challenge before with the topic Humanity, how to submit ideas for WPC?

          For February and the upcoming Valentine’s Day, perhaps a photo challenge called “Odd Couple” would generate all kinds of interpretations. A funny street photo I had of a woman walking with another person completely dressed in a berry costume prompted this…

    • I can’t even imagine surfing — maybe when I was younger, but definitely not now — let alone surfing AND having the presence of mind to photograph anything under a wave.

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