WordPress Photo Challenge – Change

The theme for this week’s photo challenge — which I have not participated in since my last post of the summer — is change.

I love the quote that host Kristin Snow of SnowMads.com included for the post: Change Quote Lao TzuThe photographs that came to mind is the change from day to night, and these sunset photographs captured while my niece was visiting last month.

They were taken where Ocean Avenue ends (to a popular beach spot) in the town of Carmel-By-The-Sea, California.


Before dark, couples and families make their way to the beach to find the perfect spot to see the sun setting…


And zooming in closer to the water’s edge, I snapped another couple holding hands and watching the sunset…with their feet in the glowing Pacific Ocean water.


It was a beautiful day, capped by a gorgeous, perfect sunset.


I look forward to crafting new posts for the fall, and catching up on reading posts from my favorite blogs and bloggers.

Happy Friday, Happy September, Happy Fall…and a welcome to the changing season.

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6 thoughts on “WordPress Photo Challenge – Change

  1. Such lovely shots of the sunset. My favourite one has to be the second one with the clouds overhead – simply stunning. Love the quote by Lao Tzu. So true. We can’t control the universe and the least we can do is roll with the punches and take things as they come our way.

    Happy fall 🙂 It’s spring here in Australia and the weather is heating up next week. I am going out to enjoy it 🙂

  2. Hi Mabel!

    How very cool to know that as we are getting ready for the cooler months and saying goodbye to summer 2015, there in Australia, you are will be looking forward to your summer!

    Thank you for your visit and comment 🙂 .

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