Where Democrats and Republicans stand on birth control and moral issues

Birth Control

Photo via the Gallup website

The topic of birth control is controversial in the Philippines, so I was surprised to see this Gallup poll (found as I was working on my post about Pope Francis’ visit to the Philippines) that here in the U.S., most Americans say that birth control is morally OK.

The Gallup’s Values and Beliefs Survey report that “eighty-two percent of U.S. Catholics say birth control is morally acceptable, nearing the 89% of all Americans and 90% of non-Catholics who agree.”

The same article also posted this chart from the survey, on the major differences between Democrats and Republicans in moral acceptability of issues: Gallup Survey Moral AcceptibilityAny surprises, or is this what you expected to see? For details, here is the link to the Gallup survey and article.  Excerpt:

Although Catholic leaders have protested the portion of the Affordable Care Act mandating that health insurance plans include payment for birth control, the average rank-and-file Catholic in the U.S. finds the use of birth control morally acceptable.

Catholic leaders are no doubt aware that many of their parishioners use birth control, but these data underscore the divide between official church teaching and Catholics’ day-by-day behaviors.

Democrats and Republicans have long differed on their positions on these types of moral issues, and these data confirm how far apart partisans continue to be in this important election year. Although values concerns are seldom rated the most important issues in a presidential campaign, a candidate’s positions on such issues can serve to motivate his party’s base, and can help determine vote choice for the small segments of voters for whom values are very important.

2 thoughts on “Where Democrats and Republicans stand on birth control and moral issues

  1. I’m surprised by a few things actually. This is a chart about what people think is morally okay right? I thought there were more people against animal testing these days. There are other things that surprised me on this chart as well, but that one stuck out.

  2. Good point, Kelly! So yes, the chart is on what is “morally acceptable” so on medical testing on animals, 48% of Democrats and 69% of Republicans find it morally OK.

    Wow, I was so focused on the birth control numbers that I did not really think about that number, and you are right, that seems awfully high, and I am also surprised at the number. Thank you for pointing that out —- I hope that number is significantly lower at next survey.

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