I woke up last night and heard about the horrific earthquakes and tsunami in Northern Japan.  The broadcast warned of other neighboring areas at risk, like the Philippines (being an archipelago nation of many islands, millions of people live on the coast) and I specifically heard mention of Sulawesi in Indonesia.    Half asleep, I remembered that my younger sister and her husband were supposed to be going to Sulawesi soon —  oh no, I could not remember when, are they there?  Why didn’t I talk to my sister this week!!!  I remember calling her yesterday and going straight to voice mail…did they leave???

Then the familiar and loud tone of the emergency broadcast system comes on with a Tsunami warning for the U.S. Western coast for the morning — including our county here in California.  Japan is over 5,000 miles away from us, and an earthquake there now affects our coast line.

At around 8:00 AM, the harbor nearest to us went from a quite, glassy stage to what looked like a river when water was pulling away.  The tide was supposed to be moving OUT, yet water was surging in.  This from a disaster 5,000 miles away.


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