Track this, track that, but not this…

This morning, I heard a disturbing radio report about the tragic Aurora, Colorado shootings.

The shooter had stockpiled a cache of ammunition for his weapons over the last few months — all legally purchased on-line.

With modern technology, every click, every move that we make on-line is tracked by so many entities, all for commercial purposes and to make money off of us.

Since our data is already sliced, diced, dissected to the smallest possible degree, should there have been a red flag for the type of purchases the shooter, James Holmes, made on-line?

I find it hard to believe that no one questioned all these orders of ammunition from one guy, all delivered to an apartment building…

As it is now, I get emails from Amazon recommending some book based on one I recently bought, but yet there is no system in place to question James Holmes’ unusual (?) on-line purchases.

As always, this is a complex topic, but I do wonder….when it comes to the safety of our citizens, do you think technology should be used not only to track our moves to sell us more stuff and make a profit — but also track potential dangers to the safety of our citizens?

Is that a slippery slope and scary big brother…or an apt and necessary use of modern technology?

From Jack Healy, New York Times:

With a few keystrokes, the suspect, James E. Holmes, ordered 3,000 rounds of handgun ammunition, 3,000 rounds for an assault rifle and 350 shells for a 12-gauge shotgun — an amount of firepower that costs roughly $3,000 at the online sites — in the four months before the shooting, according to the police. It was pretty much as easy as ordering a book from Amazon.

He also bought bulletproof vests and other tactical gear, and a high-capacity “drum magazine” large enough to hold 100 rounds and capable of firing 50 or 60 rounds per minute — a purchase that would have been restricted under proposed legislation that has been stalled in Washington for more than a year.  More of the article, here…

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