Tinted Trees: California Black Oak

Spring time also means native California black oak trees (quercus kelloggii) are sprouting new leaves.  The spring leaves of California black oaks are a beautiful light green, sometimes with pinkish hues, contrasting beautifully with its black trunk and branches.

California black oaks are highly drought tolerant, and vital to wildlife for habitat and for food.  It has the largest acorns of western oaks, which are consumed by deer, quails, wild turkeys, scrub and blue jays, woodpeckers, squirrels and rodents, feral pig and livestock.

California Black Oak, spring 2012

This above photo is the “normal” shot, and the following photos have been altered using the simple Windows Photo Gallery fix tool, adjusting the tint.  It is called a black oak for a reason, and no matter the color changes, the dark trunk and branches remain the most prominent feature.

For more details on the California black oak, visit the US Forest Service website article on quercus kelloggii, link here.

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