The calm before the storm

On the way to Monterey, I often drive by a stretch of California Highway 1 where I get a good sense of the wind condition by looking at the waves and by how much white — and wave action — I see on top of the water.

Yesterday was the calmest I have ever seen these waters.  The ocean was so flat — and smooth like glass, almost like a lake instead of the Pacific Ocean.

Monterey Park Beach at Seaside

beach at Seaside, California

Normally, there are HUGE waves at this beach, and this is the sign posted at the entrance.

Danger sign at seaside beach

We do have a rainstorm today, and heavy rains are expected all weekend. So the saying we have all heard “the calm before the storm” is so true. And so strange.

The air was so still last night, and it was a beautiful evening, in contrast with this morning. It has been quite windy this morning, and one of our garbage cans just blew by the side of the house. Ah yes, hello winter weather!

2 thoughts on “The calm before the storm

  1. It looks really lovely there, but I know what you mean about big waves. When I’m in South Africa, I live by the beach, and those Indian Ocean waves can get very scary at times. They’ve been known to take away some people’s swimming pools during the Spring Tides.

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