Tagalish McRib

I’m adding this McRib ad to my now, sort of blog collection of Tagalish – Tagalog and English advertising.  So far, most of what I see are from McDonald’s — and this by far is the silliest. It is also different from the ones I’ve posted in that the sentences are either in English or Tagalog, but the ad itself uses both languages.

What does this ad convey, and what does “winning or losing” have to do with a sandwich anyway?

Oh I see…it translates:

Nandito na ulit ang McRib (The McRib is here again)

Sobrang sarap ng sandwich, ipaglalaban ko ito (The sandwich is so good, I’ll fight for it).

Okay then….

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What do you think of this one?

2 thoughts on “Tagalish McRib

  1. Hello. I am wondering which newspaper this ad appeared in, in which U.S. city/state, and what year? I’m working on a research paper and would like to mention this ad with a bit of detail about it. Thanks!

    • The ad appeared in a U.S. published, Philippine newspaper (English language). I picked up the newspaper in the San Francisco Bay area, California, but these newspapers are available at many Asian or Philippine Food stores, as well as money remittance centers. The newspapers are free, and this particular ad ran in November / December of 2011. Hope this helps with your project, Ottavio.

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