Enjoy Newly Taste Best Gifts

And now,  something funny…

We use to see a lot more signs or items with odd or funny English translations when eating at ethnic restaurants — on the wall, bathrooms, or the chopstick wrapper, the paper place mats and so on.

I thought maybe we would not see any new ones, at least locally.

Well.I…so I am wrong.  Here is the calendar gift box — for 2012 — from the local Chinese restaurant.  You would think someone would catch this and fix prior to mass printing. Hmmm….maybe they do this on purpose…just so we smile and add it to our lost in translation items.

There is a funny website called Engrish.com dedicated to these translation topics  —- check out the site and their “brog” for some smiles, snickers and laughs (okay, maybe only if you share my sense of humor).

Most translations are from Japanese to English, but people submit items from all over the world.  I especially like the section called “almost Engrish”.

Sample submissions below.