WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Movement in Tae Kwon Do class

If you have read my blog over the last year, you know that topics close to my heart are related to the environment and conservation, as well as poverty and the Philippines (where I am originally from).  I can’t help it…I’m a grandmother deeply concerned about the state of the planet and what we are leaving behind for our grandchildren.  I feel compelled to learn about, and post articles on these topics.

These posts can often be depressing…which is why I look forward to the WordPress Photo Challenge from the Daily Post.  It gives me an opportunity to think about and share photos which I would not normally think to post on my blog.

This week, the theme is “movement”.  I thought about the photos I have from my grandsons’ Tae Kwon Do classes, and how frustrating it is — for me at least — to have a good “movement” or as I interpret this theme, an “action” type shot.

I have probably spent hundreds of hours taking my grandsons to Tae Kwon Do practice, often with camera in hand.  Though I love taking photos — and have taken photographs since I was a teenager, I am still a beginner.

Soon, I will elevate my photography to the next level…meaning, get a more professional camera and actually read the technical manual!

For now though, here is my submission for the “movement” photo challenge – with the theme Tae Kwon Do.

Here are some captures to give a feel for the classes:

Practicing “Poomse” movements at Tae Kwon Do class

Youngest Tae Kwon Do classes for 3 1/2 to 5 years old. My younger grandson is the little guy at the end with a white belt, looking at his Lola (grandmother) Jane, instead of listening to Master Lee.

Students enjoy playing dodge ball, after Tae Kwon Do class.  You can see the ball at the lower right hand side.

Board breaking at Tae Kwon Do belt promotion test

Sparring during Tae Kwon Do promotion test

So….despite the countless photos I have taken at Tae Kwon Do practice…I don’t have a  good photo of my grandchildren, breaking a board for promotion test, etc.

I did capture shots I liked…not of the grandsons, but of one of the instructors, Mr. Yates, doing a demonstration, at a promotion test.

Setting up concrete blocks

Alas! Captured a good “movement” shot

And as far as the best “movement” shots of my grandchildren at Tae Kwon Do….well, that is left to Monterey Bay professional photographer Ricky Cabalza.  Here are his photographs of my grandsons.

Photos by Ricky Cabalza – www.out2focus.com

Photo by Ricky Cabalza – www.out2focus.com

Professional photographers like Ricky Cabalza can coax and capture a fierce look, even from 4 and 7-year-old little guys.

If I had asked my grandsons to pose for something similar to the photo below, they would most likely make goofy faces at me, and probably stick their tongues out as I clicked the camera button.

Photos by Ricky Cabalza – www.out2focus.com

My other weekly photo challenge submissions are “Surfer-in-Training”, and the Philippine transportation method for the theme fleeting moment on the street — the “put-put” on NativeLeaf.info last week, as well as weaving hands on a prior photo challenge theme, also at NativeLeaf.info’s blog section.

Did you know that Tae Kwon Do is the national sport of South Korea?  It is also considered the most popular martial arts based on the number of practitioners world-wide (estimated at over 70 million in 190 countries),  and has been an Olympic event since 2000. 

Ricky Cabalza, Photographer

My friend Ricky Cabalza is a photographer in the Monterey Bay Area.  He specializes in artful wedding, portrait, and fashion photography.  Click on the photo below or this link to his website.

~Lola Jane

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