Trash and plastics vortex now the size of Texas

Our oceans cover over 70% of the earth’s surface, and provide more than 90% of the habitable area for life on earth.

Our garbage and plastics pollution are now contaminating the deepest of ocean trenches, and plastic trash are now found even in the most remote locations.

Have you heard the latest about the trash vortex in the North Pacific?

Photo from Greenpeace / Alex Hofford: We gathered these items in the Pacific's vast Trash Vortex. The word "Trash" is written in golf balls.

The trash vortex now encompasses an area the size of the state of Texas.  Texas is the second largest state in the U.S.A., after Alaska.

    • Total square miles for Texas is 268,580 .
    • Texas, by square miles, is larger than France (and France is among the largest countries in the European Union – EU).

There is now an estimated six kilo of plastic trash for every kilo (about 13 lbs for every 2 lbs) of natural plankton, swirling around with other garbage, dead fish and marine mammals, and birds who get trapped in this gyre.

That is a lot of trash that WE — our generation — produced, and did not control!

The truly disturbing and sad part is that some of the plastics in this trash vortex will not breakdown in the lifetime of our grandchildren.

We know better now, and everyday, we can do our part to reduce our plastics consumption, to recycle, and to make sure trash does not end up on our beach and out in the ocean.

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