Nicest Nickname EVER

Our family has a tradition of nicknames…hardly anyone is called by their “given” name.

I have several nicknames for my grandsons too.

Last night, when I told 6-year old Jun I was going to call him something other than his usual nickname, he replied, ” I will call you something else now too, Lola”.

I said….oh….really Jun?  What will you call me?  And he said…… “Beautiful!'”.

His four-year old brother, Gabriel, not to be outdone, said,  “I will call you Beautiful too Lola….and I will call Opa (Grandpa) Beautiful….and I will call Tucker (our dog) Beautiful, and I will call Jun-Jun Beautiful too!

I’m sure Jun — and Gabriel — will forget my new nickname by today, but for the moment….how truly sweet, and the nicest nickname ever from a grandson.

Kate McGeown of BBC News wrote a great article on why Filipinos have unique nicknames — view the next post “Playful” Filipino Names” for more information.

What are nice or fun nicknames you have given to someone — — or given to you?

Beautiful California Central Coast Sunset 2011