Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside (Pacific – King Salmon)

The theme for this week’s photo challenge at the The Daily Post at WordPress.com is Inside.  From Sara Rosso…

Inside. I like to snap multiple views of something and often the inside of something is even more interesting than the outside. This canelé (a French pastry) was definitely worth photographing – I’ll remember all those nooks & crannies!  

I like the food theme from Sara, and I’m posting my salmon photos.

Background:  When we first moved to the Monterey Peninsula, Jeff went on a group salmon fishing trip with his co-workers, on a commercial fishing vessel.  Before he left (cooler in tow), I half-jokingly told him that he should not come home if he does not have any fish for me.  After all, I am from the Philippines, love seafood — especially fresh seafood!

When he came home — again, cooler in tow — he looked rather sad.  I said…”oh no…you did not get any fish?  It’s okay honey, I still love you”.

He was playing with me, as inside the cooler was a huge salmon!  For his first Monterey  fishing trip, he caught the first salmon — and the heaviest one — which won him a cash prize and a Home Depot gift certificate.  Lucky!  There were also rock cods in the cooler.

So you see…a little pressure is not such a bad thing!

Here are my photos of the salmon…outside, and cleaned (and by the way, the biggest fish I have ever cleaned), and the inside, cut up and in steaks and ready to cook.  It was the best tasting fish we have ever eaten.

Gills and guts removed, all cleaned!


The kitchen sink is the double sink type, and the salmon took up both sink spaces.

Maybe I should have done this cleaning business OUTSIDE…I made a mess.


Salmon inside — many slices and servings

Here are some of Jeff’s photos, before they headed out.

Monterey Bay Harbor, California, at dawn

Monterey Bay Sunrise

Almost ready to take off….Monterey Bay Commercial Salmon Fishing Boat

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