Found! U.S.A. farmed tilapia

It turns out you can find U.S.A. farmed tilapia for sale at stores — just outside of the Monterey Bay area.

So far, Lion Supermarket – located on Tully Road in San Jose. is the only store I have seen that offer whole, fresh, U.S. farmed tilapia.  Lion Supermarket products are geared towards the international and Asian community.  They have 5 store locations (mostly in San Jose).

The tilapia is from a company called Desert Springs Tilapia, based in Arizona

How can you tell — aside from 100% trust in your grocer and fish dealers — that your tilapia is from U.S. based farms?

These particular tilapia fish had the Desert Springs Tilapia tags.

U.S. Farmed Tilapia from Desert Springs (Arizona)

And…. just because tilapia fish are marketed as “farm raised”, it does not necessarily mean it is farmed in a safe and sustainable way.  For more about tilapia fish, including Seafood Watch information and ratings, please see my post Tilapia – Top Aquaculture Fish.

For local tilapia sources (Monterey Bay), please see post country of origin for tilapia fish sold locally.

Now that I know more about tilapia, and after reading reports from the Seafood Watch program from the Monterey Bay Aquarium, I am only buying tilapia farmed in the U.S.A (best choice), or from countries listed as “good alternatives”.   How about you?