Another green message placemat

Another paper placemat beverage ad, with a “green” message, this one spotted at one of our local Korean restaurants (and yes, lucky for Monterey Bay residents, we have a nice selection of Korean restaurants to choose from).

“You can always ask us for more.  Waste less for Earth.”

This time, the ad is for Hite, Korea’s largest beer company.

The previous one wasLOVE the earth, HATE the waste”, on a mat and ad for Jinro, a Korean soju beverage company (also owned by the company, Hite)

Click here for the accompanying article: Green message trends…soju and place mats.

Green message trends…soju and placemats

There has been a trend of “green” and eco-friendly messages, and many big corporations are jumping on board to be part of this movement.

I applaud this, as when a company, say, as big as Wal-Mart makes changes to the way it does business — like in reducing packaging waste or using renewable energy — its impact to the environment and the ripple effect is tremendous, especially if they use their power to make their manufacturers and vendors implement earth-friendly practices.

I have not seen this trend in larger alcohol beverage companies, so it was interesting to see this paper placemat from the Korean soju beverage company, Jinro, spotted at one of our local restaurants.  Jinro is owned by Hite, Korea’s largest beer company.

I like this attractive veggie heart and especially the message of LOVE the earth, HATE the waste”.  And as far as in-your-face messages, a message placed on restaurant placemats would have to rank among the top methods right?

Have you had soju?  It is a distilled beverage traditionally made from rice, and native to Korea.

In the state of California and New York, it can be sold in restaurants that sell beer and wine, despite being a distilled drink with a higher alcohol content.  Thanks to lobbying by the Korean community (with large populations in California and New York), it is exempt from the requirement of a full liquor license costing $12,000 here in California, and instead falls under the much less expensive beer and wine license — at around $300.

Jinro — the company that provides these placemats to restaurants — is Korea’s largest producer of soju, and according to their website, they are:

  • The world’s best-selling spirit for 6 consecutive years (2001 – 2007)
  • Ranked 1st in the Japanese Soju market for the 7th consecutive year
  • Also…that Jinro’s “Chamisul” sales volume exceeded 10 billion bottles on May, 2006
    (if you laid all 10 billion bottles flat on the ground, it covers the circumference of the earth 54 times)

Have you seen similar green messages from other beverage companies?

Oh, and by the way, I posted an article about South Korea and their enthusiasm for recycling in June last year (click here to view), with a link to a humorous article by the BBC’s Lucy Williamson.  Hmmm, so maybe, the campaign is also part of the more green mindset of Koreans…