Which cutting board is best, wood or plastic?

Ever wonder which cutting board is safest — traditional wood boards, those new bamboo cutting boards, plastic, or even glass boards?

Jeff’s freshly baked breads ready to slice, on top of bamboo cutting board

For the answer, check out this article from Ask Umbra (Green Living Questions) at Grist.org…  Excerpt:

In fact, this question of bacteria helps answer your question about plastic vs. wood. Plastic gained favor for a while because it is non-porous and dishwasher-safe, two qualities that made it seem like a healthier, cleaner choice. But it seems this was just another PR coup by the plastics industry.

According to research, including a study at the UC-Davis Food Safety Laboratory, wood wins the bacteria battle.

While bacteria such as salmonella and listeria are easy to clean off brand-new plastic boards, these boards become, say the researchers, “impossible to clean and disinfect manually” once damaged by knives. In other words, the sneaky little bacteria hide out in the cracks and crevices. Wood cutting boards provide a home for bacteria too, but only for a short time, and the little critters actually scoot down under the surface and die.

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