California Cherries

Just as last year, the summer is again passing by at blazing speed.  It must be the nature of getting older…every year seems to go by faster than the last.

This year, I wanted to eat plenty of local cherries, since last year, I felt I missed out on the cherry season.


Jeff has been in baking mode, and made this tea cake with blueberries and cherries.  It turned out lovely.  The blueberries and cherries sink towards the bottom of the super moist cake, releasing slightly tart flavors — along with scents from the lemon zest and cardamom — with each bite.

And as far as eating more delicious and plump California cherries this year…well, so far, so good!

The tea cake recipe was in the book, Williams-Sonoma New American Cooking, and came from Sam Hayward, chef-owner of Portland, Maine’s Fore Street Restaurant.

Cherry trees in bloom at spring time, surrounded by mustard flowers. Photo

To see recipes for divine summer treats and beautiful photographs from a California cherry farm, please visit Deborah Ryan’s blog and website, East of Eden Cooking.

For inspiration, Deborah starts her recipe post with quotes from John Steinbeck.  Here is the quote for her post on Triple Cherry Brownies, a decadent summer dessert:

“Look Charles, things grow so fast in California they say you have to plant and step back quick or you’ll get knocked down.”  East of Eden, John Steinbeck