Blogger Spammers

I heard someone say that if spammers cannot find your blog and articles, then no one else can.

I am enjoying this process and still learning about technical aspects for my blog site, but as far as spammers, well…I have been found.

Getting a comment on a post is SO NICE, except when you realize it is just SPAM.  For those of you new to blogging, here is how I check (and please let me know if you have other methods):

  • check the email address on Google — if it is a spammer, others would have reported it already and it will be obvious on the search results.
  • or check the website on Google…same thing
  • there are also sites focused on listing information from known spammers on forums and blogs, e.g.,
  • And oh joy, if the site or address has poker chips or cialis as part of it, it is probably a spammer.
  • Oh and for the obvious….if the comment is generic and has absolutely nothing to do with the post.  For example, I got one on my post about the ethnic food aisle that said “you saved me MUCH time”.  Really?  From going to the ethnic food aisle? And another who said “thank you for keeping up with the trends”….Lola and trends?  OK maybe I am a hip Lola after all (except the post had nothing to do with trends).

WordPress has a button to click for Spam…Sigh…