No, I did not eat THAT Blackberry


The article from my post about how product names are derived (Name that mop…) also discussed how the smart phone name Blackberry came about  — and yes, again, Lola’s favorite technology device.

At the time the Blackberry was developed, the focus was on email so the first names had words like Mega-Mail, Pro-Mail, etc.  The concept overwhelmed people so the branding firm went towards names that calm people down….like vacations and natural things, which then led to fruits.  Eventually the name Blackberry was chosen as it was associated with a good color and apparently, “B” words are a reliable sound.

I wonder too if in the back of their minds, the success of the “Apple” brand influenced this use of a fruit name for the brand.

Photo from Tom Curtis,

So…it also reminded me of a time when (then 3 year old) grandson Gabriel was being impatient with Lola.

On an errand trip, Gabriel and I took a snack bag of delicious blackberries with us, and promptly ate it all.

Upon arriving at our destination, I was fumbling around for my Blackberry device — — —and I think taking a bit too long to look (well at least as far as Gabriel was concerned!).

Gabriel wanting OUT of his car seat said, “What are you doing Lola?”  I responded “looking for my Blackberry Gabriel”, to which he said, “You ate it already Lola!”.  I just had to laugh —- goodness I hope I wasn’t THAT hungry!

UPDATE TO POST October, 2014 — Wow, how quickly technology changes, and most of us know about the quick demise of Blackberry over the last few years.  I’ve moved on to HTC phones (first the EVO with the 3D photos / video capability, which was a lot of fun for the grandchildren, and now have the nice and big HTC One).  I did really enjoy my Blackberry, and now will have to be happy with real blackberries to eat!

I will keep this post on my blog though, as a reminder of the sweet and amusing comments from my little grandsons.