And I thought we had algae problems…

Have you heard about the largest algal bloom in the world?  It is in China’s Yellow Sea…and has turned sections of the Yellow Sea green.

Two young tourists take photos on a beach

Photograph: Imaginechina /Rex Features via The Guardian News and Media

The Yellow Sea is located between the Korean Peninsula and mainland China.  This year, the Yellow Sea algal bloom covers 11,158 sq miles, which is twice as much as the previous big bloom in 2008!   The China algal bloom covers more area than the entire state of Maryland, which covers 9,775 square miles.


Algal bloom Moss Landing Monterey county. Photo

In my post, Algae Abundance, I found out that the growth of  some algal mats — at least locally, here in Elkhorn Slough and the Monterey Bay — are a result of excessive nutrient levels (e.g., from fertilizer runoff from agricultural fields) and limits on how much tidal water enters parts of our slough.



The photos  above and below is near Moss Landing harbor — free of algae and then covered in algae.



See more photos and videos on the Yellow Sea — biggest algal bloom to date — on this link here to The Guardian article.

Would YOU go in an algae filled sea or body of water for a swim?

Yellow Sea

Photo via Wikimedia commons

And link here to’s Algae Abundance post

Did you know….

  • The Yellow Sea gets its name from sand particles from Gobi Desert sand storms that turn the surface of the water golden-yellow.
  • It is also one of four seas named after common colors.  The others are the Black Sea, the Red Sea and the White Sea..