Surfer in training

I am starting my week by participating in the Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue — a blogging experiment from The Daily Post at

If I had to file every single photograph I own under colors, the top 2 colors would be green and blue.  The green file would contain lush green Philippine scenery and nature photos.  A close second would be a “blue” photograph file. The color blue for me, aside from the blue sky, means the ocean.

Santa Cruz, near where we live, recently received international recognition as a World Surfing Reserve.   Santa Cruz joins just 3 other spots in the world — Malibu, California, Manly Beach in Australia and Ericeira in Portugal — for this exclusive list.  Read more from The Blog Aquatic, here.

This surfing news and the color blue challenge reminded me of these photos I took of my grandchildren Jun and Gabriel watching surfers — including their mommy taking surfing lessons — at a beach in Pacifica (close to San Francisco in northern California).

After a good hour of this, then 3-year-old Gabriel, decided that a waterlogged driftwood would make a nice practice “surfboard”.

What do you think?  He looks like a natural to me, but that is just a lola (grandmother) talking…

17 thoughts on “Surfer in training

    • This was taken during the month of December, so nice enough to splash around in, but a wetsuit is needed in our rather cold part of the Pacific ocean, if you want to enjoy your swim.

      Thank you for the comment Wally 🙂

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    • It was a calm day with many swimmers and surfers in the water…and Lola Jane (me – grandmother) standing by and focused on the little guys.

      The waves can absolutely be dangerous here, so that is a good point, and one cannot do this on days when larger, rouge waves are hitting the shores.

      Love the “blue” challenge theme photos on your blog too!

    • Thank you! Kids are so “in the moment”, and many of us forget about this sense of adventure and play. Looking at the pictures made me smile and happy.

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