Strange Weather

Mild Weather in Washington DC, Photo from USA Today Media Gallery

Usually, at this time of year and when I talk to my sister who lives in the east coast, I try not to mention our mild temperatures in the central coast of California — i.e., gloat — as they would typically be in the middle of some blizzard.

So this time, temperatures in New York and Washington DC areas are downright balmy.

Here is a quote from Frank Giannasca, a Weather Channel meteorologist:

It’s exceptional to have it this super warm…The high temperature in Washington DC , was 72 degrees Wednesday, where the average is 44, and it was 63 in New York City, where the average high is 39 degrees.

While in Europe, there are very serious situations and record cold temperatures in Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, and even in Italy and Turkey.

Really strange weather…

Runners take advantage of a warm day as they jog past The Museum Store on William Street in Fredericksburg, Va. Photo from USA Today Media Gallery

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