Spectacular Sky

We (sweetest crazy dog — AKA the Aussie, Tucker — and I) don’t normally go for walks too late in the day, but there was just too many things going on today.

By the time we left the house, it was already 10 minutes past 8PM.

The sunsets have been pretty nice in the Monterey Bay over the last few days.  And getting out of the house late turned out to be a nice treat, as the early evening sky was spectacular.

My phone camera captured the scene.  I enjoyed this, while Tucker did his usual…walk, walk, sniff, walk, pee, walk, walk, walk, sniff, pee, and repeat, until we were home again at 9:00PM.  How DO they hold all that pee, and manage to mark so many shrubs, fences, trees, etc…

There are homes with palm trees that tower ridiculously over other trees in the neighborhood.  With the sun away for the day, the palms’ striking contrast reminded me of a silhouette illustration.

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