South Korea’s recycling success

With most cities or municipalities providing receptacles for recyclables, I  still don’t understand why there are still those who do not recycle.  I suppose if the cost of trash containers (and garbage pick up) increased by 50%, that would get more attention for recycling.

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South Korea is now way into the “green” movement — but it was not so a few decades ago.   As the country got very rich, people had lots of money to buy lots of stuff, and as a result, lots of stuff needed to be thrown away.

But because the country had limited landfill space (which is not the case here in the USA), they pretty much had no choice but to institute strict recycling policies.

In South Korea,  it is free to recycle waste, and anything else that must be disposed of or headed to the landfill is charged a fee based on the quantity.

The country went from producing enormous amounts of trash to a culture of  recycling and a more “green” mindset.

Here is a link to an interesting and humorous article from a BBC correspondent’s experience with South Korea’s enthusiasm for recycling.

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