Sniff Kisses

When I was a little girl, I use to think the method in which lolas (grandmothers) and our titas (aunties) greeted us was….well, a little odd.

Sniff Kiss to grandson

sniff kiss to grandson Gabriel

The titas and the lolas would hug us and then give us these sniff kisses.  Yup…just as it sounds, they come close like they are going to kiss you and at the same time, do this sniff and inhale action.

It was as if they were taking in your very essence….maybe in case of a blackout (or as it is called in the Philippines,  brownouts) they can find you in the dark among all the other children.

Aha!  So there it is…a sniff kiss is actually a child location system from primitive times that we Filipinos are still doing in modern times.  Well…the sniff kiss might soon become obsolete once all human beings are implanted with a form of  GPS device.

And guess what, when Jun-Jun, my first grandson was born, I started giving him sniff kisses too!

I surprised myself, oh oh….and, oh no!  What the heck?

I am doing the sniff kiss thing just like those old lola types from my childhood.  Ok, no need to remind me, I am a lola, and….yes, getting older by the minute (so are you!)

Oh well, I’m in the sniff-kiss club now…and sniff kisses are the norm for me when kissing my little Jun and Gabriel —  well, at least until they become teenagers and refuse any close contact with their Lola!

By the way, I wish I had one of these onesies —  spotted at — when the boys were babies.

Let me know if you know of other cultures doing this sniff-kiss thing too.  And I suspect not just Filipino grandmothers…

My favorite sniff kiss subjects, my grandsons Jun-Jun and Gabriel…

favorite sniff kiss subjects

Phone call no sniff kiss

Sorry Lola, I’m too busy talking on the phone now, you’ll have to hold off on your sniff kisses for now…

A note on brownouts:  A Wikipedia article on brownouts noted that “In the Philippines the term brownout refers to an intentional or unintentional power outage or blackout and there is no apparent word in Philippine English to refer to a drop in voltage.”

Don’t know how to sniff kiss?  Then you must view the Happy Slip’s “tutorial” video, below. The talented Auntie’s advice always puts a smile on this Lola’s face 🙂 …

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