Sitting In My Box

~~This is a book we added to our Favorites ~~

Recently,  my grandsons played for hours with two giant boxes that came from a delivery.  Lucky, they were the same exact size!  They put pillows and blankets inside, and in the living room watched an entire movie while inside their boxes.

I have heard parents talk about holidays where new gifts or pricey toys were ignored in favor of playing with the huge box that the gift came in — so it is easy to see why the boys enjoyed this book.

Sitting in my Box is by Dee Lillegard, with pictures by Jon Agee (Originally published in 1989 and recently republished by Marshall Cavendish Classics).

The text is fun to read to children, and great for beginning readers.

The story begins with a little boy reading a book inside a box.  Each page follows with animals wanting to be let in the box, starting with a giraffe, then an elephant, baboon….etc. until there is no room to sit.

That is until a flea knocks and bites the animals, causing them all to leave, and ends with the little boy by himself again with his book.

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