Sanjay of SLOWCOLOR (and Sanjay visited Bhutan!)

I first met Sanjay Rajan at the Bioneers Conference last year, and learned about the company he founded, SLOWCOLOR.

At the San Francisco International GIft Fair (a retailer, wholesale trade show) this weekend, I stopped by to chat with Sanjay and Tricia O’Keefe, at their booth.

In the process of talking about topics near and dear to our hearts and minds, I found out that Sanjay recently visited the country of Bhutan.  My interest in Bhutan stemmed from learning about their belief that happiness should take priority over economic growth (see my post Bhutan Happy – Gross National Happiness (GNH) as an indicator of progress).

Sanjay is HAPPY that he visited the country of Bhutan Photo

I admire Sanjay and the SLOWCOLOR values.  He is a person doing something to make a difference in this fragile world we all share.  With SLOWCOLOR, he is creating a new business model to address poverty and those who are socially disadvantaged, and at the same time, mindful of the health of our planet.

From the SLOWCOLOR website, About Us page:

Mahatma Gandhi said, “…be the change you want to see in the world…” With this sentiment I launched SLOWCOLOR in April 2011.

SLOWCOLOR is a premium, fairly-traded, eco-textile brand based in Boulder, Colorado.Our mission says it all:  We clothe the World in Beauty, Health and Responsibility. Our intent is to become a game changer in the textile industry.

Every fabric we create is handmade and naturally dyed. Always. We create finished goods in fashion and home furnishing and source fabrics to designers and companies under the SLOWCOLOR label.

As a social enterprise we focus on the integrated bottom line:  by paying artisans in India a life-changing living wage, using natural plant and mineral-based dyes and mordants and choosing fibers such as linen that grow naturally pesticide free and are not water intensive, SLOWCOLOR rejuvenates centuries-old fabric dyeing techniques and handlooming traditions, protects the environment and creates fabrics that are healthy for life.  

SLOWCOLOR connects artisan to audience, tradition to global market and health of the planet to consumer choice.

Sanjay Rajan – Chief Co(r)evolution Officer, SLOWCOLOR

As consumers, buyers of products, we have a lot of POWER.   And we can use this power to seek out, support and promote businesses like SLOWCOLOR — who are working to address social inequities, and who are working in ways that do not further degrade our environment.

Click on the photo below to visit the SLOWCOLOR website.

By the way — with the myriad of topics that Sanjay, Tricia and I discussed — I forgot to ask Sanjay further details about his trip to Bhutan!  More on Bhutan the next time I see Sanjay…

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