Rare Golden Bangus

Bangus (or milkfish – see previous post about Jollibees and “Burgers…and Bangus”) is silver-colored, like many fish.  Somehow though, this one came out a golden color.

RARE GOLDEN BANGUS–-Dr. Westly Rosario, chief of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) research center based in Dagupan City, holds a live rare golden bangus (milkfish) donated to the center by a fish farmer from Binmaley for research and propagation. The 16-month old fish is measured at 50 centimeters long and weighs 1.2 kilogram. (Photo by Cesar Ramirez) Source: http://sundaypunch.prepys.com/archives/2012/04/16/rare-golden-bangus/

Read more from Yolanda Sotelo, from the blog Northern Watch.  Excerpt:

The “golden bangus” aged one year and four months, could be a freak of nature, much like albinism, BFAR center chief Westly Rosario said. The rare bangus has golden scales, head, fins and tails, which are usually silver in “normal” bangus.
(Albinism, according to Wikipedia, is a congenital disorder characterized by the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes due to absence or defect of an enzyme involved in the production of melanin. Albinism results from inheritance of recessive gene alleles and is known to affect all vertebrates, including humans.)

…Rosario said he has seen a golden bangus seven years ago in Taiwan, but this is the first time that such kind was reported in the Philippines  More…

Interested in why the Philippine bangus is considered an unofficial national symbol?  See the previous post “Burgers and Bangus”, and then check out the post Haring Ibon: the magnificent and critically endangered Philippine eagle to learn about official, national symbols of the Philippines).

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