Japan Disaster: Radiation Risk in California?

Some nations neighboring Japan including the Philippines, are now inspecting food imported from Japan for radiation.  I did not give this immediate thought locally —-  we are 5,000 miles away after all.

But as usual, we are all connected.  Buried in the back of my newspaper is an article titled “California’s radiation risk small”. It stated that the threat to the public in U.S. territories is very low at this time.

However, the same article also mentions how “under the right conditions, recent research has shown tiny particles can —and regularly do— drift from Asia to the U.S.”  Further, “dust from sandstorms in China’s Gobi Desert has been found in California, and so has mercury burned in coal in Chinese power plants, as tiny particles drifted across the ocean, raining down in small amounts into San Francisco Bay”.

Some Bay Area residents are reportedly buying out potassium iodide tablets, which blocks the uptake of radioactive material to thyroid glands.

Read more of the article by Paul Rogers, San Jose Mercury News. What is also interesting are the comments to the article.  We don’t want to over react of course –but let us hope the state health officials will keep transparent any information we should be aware of.

Now that you are here, I would love to know what you think...comments are always appreciated.