“Playful” Filipino Names

This whole nickname thing is not unique to my family…it is a pretty much a tradition for many Filipinos.

At the end of this post is a link to an article from Kate McGeown of BBC News with the introduction “Bizarre and often unflattering names are as quintessentially Filipino as the country’s Catholic faith, friendly smiles…”

And just when my older sister thought I would not show her nickname here on my blog…ooops…here it is:  Wally, Wals, Wallie-Wallie, or the Walliest of course.

Which I thought was pretty harmless when this nickname evolved about 24 years ago.

That was until we introduced her to Robert, my younger sister’s then fiancée, now husband, who is British.

And so it went something like

Robert…meet my sister Wally.   At which point he choked a little before he politely shook her hand and said, “nice to meet you Wally”.  Turns out a Wally is not so flattering a name to call someone where he is from.

And Wally is kind, and the most loving sister anyone can ask for, and I hope still —a forgiving sister— when she sees this post.

Philippine President Benigno Aquino is also known as Noynoy

Here is the link to the article “Playful Filipino Names Hard to Get Used To”.

Ever the current President has a nickname, Noynoy.

I would love to hear about your family’s nickname or if you have met Filipinos with interesting names or nicknames.

4 thoughts on ““Playful” Filipino Names

  1. Jane, my grandson’s nickname is Yub, but I don’t think it’s Filipino. My sister came up with it when he was young over 10 years ago. Lol! However, my Granddaughter Kwincie’s nickname from her little 4 year old sister Jadyn(aka Dyndyn) is Kiki. LolOlolololl!!! She couldn’t say Kwincie and shortened it to KiKi. We laugh about it.
    My brother’s have PI nickname’s Bebot, Ikey, Peng, and Dadi is Colas, and mine is Melit!!! My youngest daughter Carmelyn, aka as Mellyn, Melly, Smunk and Slime from Sesame street once asked us to call her Bong Bong when she was about 4 years old. LOLOLOLLOLOLL!!!!

    • I love YUB! Those are great…exactly, so typically Filipino, especially BongBong! We do love those repeat words and names don’t we? I wrote on our NativeLeaf.info site about our Ding…whose twin brother is, as you can guess, DONG! Of course right?

  2. I love it. I added this to my facebook wall for family and friends who don’t know their PI history or heritage and those who would like to learn. I sent it to my family and grandkids so they can learn about the Philippines and the Filipino culture.
    Jane I always believe God does things for a reason and the reason I met you that rainy day in San Jose is to be my friend and bring me back to where I belong.

    Salamat my friend.

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