Parked Pelican

We heard about the sick baby pelicans showing up at local beaches.

This afternoon, at the Monterey Commercial Fisherman’s Wharf (Old Fisherman’s Wharf), we spotted this little guy, looking listless, next to a parked truck. It does look like a brown pelican, though rather small.

Despite a commotion of moving vehicles and people around the area, it hardly moved.

Excerpt from the Santa Cruz – KION news report:

WildRescue believes the birds are a part of a natural die off of young birds. They believe it is unusual though because the brown pelican’s population, once threatened to near extinction, have rebounded and scientists  are now seeing a large annual mortality that, so far, is believed to be normal.

According to WildRescue, there is a limit to the amount of resources to care for pelicans. The nearest center is hours away in Cordelia (International Bird Rescue) and they are overrun with young pelicans which cost a great deal to feed.

WildRescue advises people who come across an injured or ill-looking pelican to:

1) Note the color of the head, then phone WildRescue’s California  hotline to report it 1-866-WILD-911.

2) Keep people and dogs away from the birds. It is a violation of federal law to harass wild birds.

WildRescue will  rescue as many birds as resources allow, seeing to the adult birds, first.  If you want to volunteer to help rescue pelicans or help transport them, please visit (They need responders in Santa Cruz, San Jose and San Francisco).

More, from WildRescue’s Blog, and from the Monterey County Herald report, Local pelicans deaths a natural event, wildlife groups say.

3 thoughts on “Parked Pelican

  1. I called the SPCA about a brown Pelican Jos and I saw in Rio del Mar the other day. Didn’t seem sick, though — but it was stuck on some fishing line. I hope someone was able to help this pelican.


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