My last (as in final) address “book”

Escher Last Address Book webWhen was the last time you looked at your address book?  And I don’t mean your contact list and addresses on your smart phone or your computer —- but a physical address book.

I have not used or even looked at mine for a long time.  And even when I ship packages or gifts to family, my on-line shipping system contains all my addresses, so no need for this book.

Will this be another item from our generation that will be obsolete and no longer needed?

Escher Last Address Book pageFlipping through it, I saw names of friends from long ago that I have lost contact with, and remember the moments we shared, and, I appreciated seeing the M.C. Escher prints included in each alphabet tab.

So…another sign of our modern world — the fading use of address “books”?

Do you still have and/or use an “old-fashioned” address book?  I’m certain this is the last one I will have…

This post inspired by reading an article about MC Escher on the blog Create a Beautiful Life.  It reminded me of this address book, which I had not opened in a LONG time.  Here is the post about Escher, He Was My First Love.

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9 thoughts on “My last (as in final) address “book”

  1. Oh, I wish I had an address book like that! But, alas, I have not used one for years. My old ones are in a box in the attic. I’m glad my post inspired you to find your old address book.

  2. LOL! So funny you posted this today. I had to pull my old address book out of a closet to locate an address for a long lost cousin. I smiled while pausing on the page that has all the addresses by daughter had while completing collegiate studies… from first dorm to last apartment. Smartphones rob us of that kind of experience 😉

    • Gosh Kelly, you are probably one of the few of your age that still have address books, probably best we all keep ours, right? Because soon, we probably can’t find them for sale anymore, except at vintage shops.

      Thank you so much for your nomination, I am honored…but for now I’m keeping an award free blog.

      Your “follow” is meaningful enough, especially that I get to learn about Toronto and your studies, through your blog! Thanks again, though.

  3. Hi Jane, I myself don’t have a physical address book anymore but my parents do and when I’ve been home the last time, I had a look into it and updated a few addresses and phone numbers. My mom actually doesn’t use it, but my dad loves it. It irritates him to not have a physical address book, even though the information in it might be outdated. Somehow it’s cute and also nice that he clings to it and refuses to use digital once.

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