Moss Landing Pier

This is a follow-up to my post “What low tide reveals” and the story behind the lost Moss Landing Pier.

Low tide reveals old pier posts at Moss Landing beach

I spent the afternoon in Moss Landing last Thursday, starting with a lovely lunch at The Haute Enchilada with my friends Jean and Joselyn.

We stopped at La Boutique, then the Moss Landing Post Office to look at historical photographs.

Moss Landing's Unique Post Office

This post office is unique and the walls in areas above the post office boxes are full of past photos (and news articles) of the town.  We spotted this photo of the old pier.

This is one of the photos of the old Moss Landing pier, located inside the Moss Landing Post Office. Photo courtesy of Mr. Nathan Sawyer

We hear about challenges facing the U.S. Post Office in these changing times and our modern world…so maybe a look back at other purposes that small town post offices provide (as a mini-museum in the case of Moss Landing or as a modern-day information hub) will keep these facilities going.

Next stop, a walk to the Captain’s Inn Bed and Breakfast to meet the Captain’s wife, and co-owner Melanie Gideon.

The Captain’s Inn building was originally built in 1906 by the Pacific Coast Steamship Company, and fully renovated by Yohn and Melanie Gideon.

Melanie, pictured here, responded to my original blog post to answer my curiosity about the pier post remains at the beach, and offered to show me photos of the old pier.

Unfortunately, we came at a busy time as she was checking in guests staying at the B&B.

I will have to come back to learn more —  Melanie is a wealth of information about Moss Landing!

The photograph below is one of several located at the Captain’s Inn lobby stairway,  and is from the viewpoint of a tall sailing ship.

The pier was quite active during the days when it was owned by the Pacific Coast Steamship Company.

Photo of Moss Landing Pier, Courtesy of Captain's Inn

It is interesting to learn that the big 1906 San Francisco earthquake caused damage to the town of Moss Landing, and the final blow to this old pier was also caused by another big Bay Area earthquake — the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989.

So the next time I go for a beach walk near the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) building, I will imagine how it must have looked with these tall sailing ships and steamships coming in to dock.

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