Living with the dead

Earlier this year, my friend sent this link of a poignant video from London-based Stefan Werc, about Filipinos who live among the dead at the Navotas cemetery.

It is interesting to see all the religious objects in the shacks.  Religion and faith may be what sustains one’s spirit, and to have hope, despite living in these conditions.  But sadly, religion — at least in the Philippines —  is also what stands in the way of reproductive rights legislation…needed to help solve overpopulation, and subsequent poverty issues.

How bleak and sad do living conditions have to get?  Would the fact that people live in cemeteries confirm we have huge problems in the Philippines with poverty and overpopulation?

Will churches house, feed, and take care of these people?  It is obvious that they cannot.  I implore leaders to have compassion and stop blocking family planning initiatives, and let those who need it most — the poor — have access to family planning programs.

Above and Below from Stefan Werc on Vimeo.

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3 thoughts on “Living with the dead

  1. Hi, Lola Jane. Thanks for sharing my blog in this post. I’ve supported the RH bill since 2008 (I was in college then), and I am frustrated about the slow pace this legislation has progressed under this administration.

  2. Hi Mark,

    I can imagine how frustrating it is for those who support the RH bill. If you look at why other countries are overtaking the Philippines, in terms of the United Nations’ Human Development Indicators (HDI), it becomes very obvious that access to modern family planning methods, and stabilizing the population growth is paramount, if we expect to continue to “develop” as a nation.

    ~Lola Jane

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