Lavender and Natural Wreaths at Creekside Farms

I recently visited Creekside Farms in Greenfield for their lavender.

Wreath from

Creekside Farms is a family owned and operated farm, right here in Monterey County.

They create beautiful, all natural wreaths and grow most of their wreath ingredients –herbs and flowers–on their farms, all without the use of pesticides

They recently re-launched their website and now offer their gorgeous designs for retail purchase, online (prior to this, they were a wholesale only operation.)

The lavender fields were just harvested when I visited, but you can still see blossoms on the photos below.  They use the french lavender hybrid Lavandula x intermedia var. Grosso for their products — a tall and sturdy type of lavender with beautiful blue, and very fragrant blossoms.

Here  are photos near a field growing yarrow, with some flowers in bloom.

And here is a photo of the lavender fields in full bloom beauty, courtesy of Creekside Farms.

Natural Fall Wreath from


You can visit their website at to view creations like this beautiful fall wreath, made from a mixture of dry elements such as yarrow, quince slices, cherry peppers, sweet annie, preserved fall leaves, and wheat, as well as fresh eucalyptus, bay, and curly willow.


3 thoughts on “Lavender and Natural Wreaths at Creekside Farms

    • Thank you Carmel — there really is much beauty around all of us (especially in your Hawaii!) The farming landscape here in Monterey County / Salinas Valley is ever changing depending on the type of vegetables (and flowers like at Creekside Farms) growing. More and more, I like looking at these fields…the symmetry and the constant change in the texture, shape and colors…as I am out and about. I hope too, that there will be more and more organic and sustainable farms. We now know that pesticides and herbicides used in farms can end up in the ocean, an issue with our proximity to the sea.

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