Independence Day

Happy Independence Day 2011!

Did you know that up until 1964, the Philippines also celebrated their Indepedence Day on July 4th?

This date originated when the Philippines was a colony of the U.S., and the Tydings-McDuffie Act in 1934 set the date for Independence from the U.S. as July 4, 1946.

It was later changed to June 12th, at the urging of Filipino historians and nationalist.

The date June 12th, 1898 was the original date that Filipino General Emilio Aguinaldo proclaimed independence from the colonial rule of Spain, shortly after General Dewey’s defeat of the Spanish navy during the Spanish-American War in April, 1898.

The U.S. gained control of the Philippines through the Treaty of Paris, signed in December 10, 1898.  The treaty included Spain ceding the Philippines, Guam and other Pacific islands for the sum of $20,000,000.

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