How many countries in the world, and how many belong to the United Nations?

I’m working on a post related to the Philippines and human development topics, and wondered…how many countries there are in the world.

If you Google the total number of countries in the world, the answer is  is 196.  

And the answer — in terms of the number of countries that are members of the United Nations (UN) —  is 193.  Click on the photo of the UN flags for more details.

Is this number surprising to you?  Did you think that there were more countries, or less?

The United Nations was founded in 1945.  Their website lists 4 main purposes:

  • To keep peace throughout the world;
  • To develop friendly relations among nations;
  • To help nations work together to improve the lives of poor people, to conquer hunger, disease and illiteracy, and to encourage respect for each other’s rights and freedoms;
  • To be a center for harmonizing the actions of nations to achieve these goals.

On a local note, and for those in the Monterey Bay area interested in joining the United Nations Association, their website is 

UNA-Monterey Bay puts together the annual International Film Festival (held at the historic Golden Gate Theater last year).  I found out from attending last year’s festival that the Monterey Bay Chapter has more members than the chapter in Washington D.C. — and it is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization.  Pretty impressive UNA-Monterey members!

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