Holding hands on the way to a nature park

I love this picture of my first-born grandson, Jun, holding the hands of my sisters.  It is very sweet, and I can’t believe how tiny he was, and how big he is now.  We were on the way to a nature park…

On the way with Juns hand held by great aunties

It was on my bulletin board for many years, and I’m glad I printed it, because the hard drive on the computer where I stored the original digital photo CRASHED.  I lost all the photos in the series.

So now it is scanned, and in digital format once again.  I know…back up, back up, back up, right?  I treasure my photos, and better at backing up photo files now.

8 thoughts on “Holding hands on the way to a nature park

  1. Just as well you had a printed copy – this photo is a treasure!
    I keep thinking I should back up my back up – ie have two external harddrives instead of one, just in case…….:)

  2. Thank you, Debbie. We got one of those external drives too, and I suppose some of the pictures are in the “cloud” now where ever the heck that is…

    The back up of the back up is best kept elsewhere (physically at another location) if you really want to be sure.

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