Go Niners!

When we moved back to the U.S. — and to the San Francisco Bay Area — from Germany in 1986, the San Francisco 49ers already had 2 Super Bowl wins.  By the end of that decade they won 2 more Super Bowls and were a football dynasty.  You could not help but BE a fan, especially watching the great Joe Montana.   And the wins continued with Steve Young in the 1990’s, with their 5th Super Bowl win in the 1994 season.

After that, and although they made it to more playoff games…alas, there were no more trips to the Super Bowl.

And since 2003, they have not had a good enough record to even make any playoff games.  Well, that is up until 2011…. and now that is!

What a terrific season it has been for the team under coach Jim Harbaugh’s leadership.  Tomorrow, we will root for the Niners to beat the much favored New Orleans Saints, and  for a chance to move up to another week of play in the NFC Championship game, and then on to compete in the February 2012 Super Bowl.

Did you know…the 49ers are the oldest professional sports team in California?

Only 1 other NFL team has more Super Bowl wins than San Francisco — the Pittsburgh Steelers with 6 Super Bowl wins (8 trips to the Super Bowl – 6 wins, 2 losses).

The Dallas Cowboys tie the San Francisco 49ers  with 5 Super Bowl wins.  However,  the 49ers hold the record for the only team to win every one of their Super Bowl games (5-0 record).  The Dallas Cowboys record is 5 wins, 3 losses.

Could it be this year?  Will the drought be over finally? GO NINERS!


UPDATE: They wore red, they were loud, and yes, the 49ers won!  What a fantastic game.  We have waited a long, long time for this.  The San Francisco 49ers beat the Saints, one the great teams of this era, led by quarterback Drew Breeze, and move on to play in the NFC Championship game against quarterback Eli Manning and the New York Giants….AT HOME, AT CANDLESTICK next Sunday.

San Francisco quarterback Alex Smith — and the rest of the 2011 Niners team —  finally get some credit and respect.  No one expected them to have the wins that they have this year.  No one expected them to go to the playoffs and then to beat the Saints.

Just one more week…just 4 more quarters to the Super Bowl.  GO NINERS!

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