Filipino Foodie Event in San Franciso Saturday, January 21: Kulinarya 2012

If you are a foodie and live in the Bay Area — or just interested in learning more about Philippine cuisine — make plans to go to the 2nd Annual Kulinarya event this Saturday, January 21st in San Francisco.

Kulinarya is the Filipino term for “cuisine” or “culinary”.  The event will feature cooking competitions and food tastings from Philippine food companies, local Filipino restaurants, and gourmet food trucks.   Admission is free, and food sampling tickets will be available for sale on site or in advance (details on advance ticket purchase at the end of this post).

Part of the proceeds will benefit the Typhoon Sendong relief efforts.

The event will take place from 3:00 to 8:00 PM, at Carnelian by the Bay, One Ferry Plaza, behind the Ferry Building.

Schedule and more delicious details on the official website (and the place to get your food tickets in advance).

My favorite Philippine nut — the pili — is featured in a pili nut cook-off.  The pili nut is now among the country’s most important food product export.  If you have not had pili nuts — this is a good opportunity to sample this delicious nut, which tastes something like a cross between macadamia and almonds.

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  1. This was a great competition, pili nuts is a good ingredient in Philippines Food. Pili Nuts are highly beneficial for health. These delectable nuts not only prevent cardiovascular diseases but also help in maintaining brain balance, developing healthy bones, hormone production and muscle tissues. These nuts are frequently utilized in several desserts including cakes. In addition, pili nuts contain magnesium, amino acids and protein that play a vital role in detoxification of liver, healthy blood-sugar levels and regulation of body’s energy. It also prevents cholesterol from turning into plague. Amino acids boost immune system.

    Pili Nuts are a great complement to exotic flavors like cacao or coconut and can be added to baked goods, chocolates, ice-creams, smoothies and cereals. Pili Nuts can be processed with rich nut milks, and pestos, added to salads, pickles, rice, dressings or eaten on their own for a highly energy, nutritionally sound snack.

    • I agree, that was a great competition. Pili nuts are a favorite in our family, though sugared in a brittle format. It is hard to find pili nuts here in the U.S. “unadorned” that is…without the sugary coating. Perhaps this will change and we can use it in healthier ways.

  2. Thanks for your post! I’m glad you wrote something about pili nuts from the Philippines. Philippine pili nuts from the Bicol region in the Philippines is a great Filipino or Pinoy food or snack.

    Pili nuts are very healthy and nutritious indeed, being a source of energy, potassium and iron. They also have protein, dietary fiber / fibre, and calcium as well as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. I know they have no cholesterol, no trans fat, and the unsalted ones have no sodium. What is great about the pili nut snack or treat is that they are so crisp, rich, and delicious. I would say they are like a walnut, macadamia, and pine nut combined in one awesome nut.

    The pili nut snacks, particularly the candied nuts are so yummy, they literally melt in your mouth. I know you can get these pili nuts in Filipino stores in Canada, the US, and perhaps in other countries like Australia, New Zealand, the UK and perhaps countries in the EU. Of course, they’re in so many supermarkets and groceries in the Philippines. I hope people can get and buy these nuts online or on wholesale because people will definitely love pili nuts.

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