Door photographs for the Weekly WordPress Photo Challenge

While not particularly pretty, I like this door to California’s first brick house because the structure still exist — still standing, and I like the contrast of the fading white paint and the red-orange hued bricks.  It is located in downtown Monterey, and part of the State Park buildings in “oldtown”Door at First Brick House California 1

You will find many interesting doors and doorways in the historic, downtown Monterey area.  Here are a few…

Door related details are also fun to photograph…

A few door photographs in the little town of Moss Landing, California (the red doors to the Old Post Office, door to a railroad car, parked at the Haute Enchilada restaurant and art gallery, and an antique store, with details in the following gballery).

And broken down or missing doors, at the barracks of the old Fort Ord military base in the Monterey bay…  These buildings will soon be demolished to make way for new housing developments and shopping / office / university buildings.

A favorite door related photo are the banners above the entrance to the Moss Landing Marine Laboratory.

Entrance to Moss Landing Marine Laboratory

A great reminder for all of us, to take time each day for the things we love to do… whatever doorway we enter or leave from.

Note: You can see more photos from the open house post at the Moss Landing Marine Laboratory here, including  their “internet famous” blob fish.

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11 thoughts on “Door photographs for the Weekly WordPress Photo Challenge

    • I agree, some of the abandoned Fort Ord buildings are spooky, Jane!
      Eventually, these will be demolished, as new housing developments move forward.

      Many of the projects in Fort Ord were delayed when the economy slowed down, and some are now restarting. If you ever drive at the roads near where the REI / Target buildings are, off Hwy 1 (at Imjin), you may be surprised at the new homes there, pr the framework in place for new housing, from the already demolished barracks.

      • Yes, I’ve seen the ones by Target and also the ones on the way to the Fort Ord Dunes State Park (I think you took photos of these too – in a different post?), but haven’t noticed the new housing. Will have to be more aware next time I drive out there!

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