A Dog Named Tagpi…and how we name our pets

I knew a couple, an American man and a Filipina who adopted an adorable little dog.  He said, “you name him —- but please, name him anything but Spot.”  And so she named him Tagpi.

Great!  Except Tagpi is pretty close to translating the English dog name Spot to Filipino / Tagalog, though its literal translation is more of a word for Patch (as in to patch / cover breaks or tears).

His pronunciation for the name was a funny sounding Tag-Pee.  It is pronounced more like Tug-pee.

It is interesting what people name their pets.  The names of our last 3 dogs are also names of people—is this pet naming practice of people names more common now than say, 25 years ago?

Our dog now is a sweetheart Australian Shepherd (though also on the crazy side like most Aussies) — and his name is Tucker.

Baby Juns with Tucker

Our other dogs (now passed though still remembered often) were Sara, a lovable “little” 100 lb Newfoundland,  and Jake,  a gentle and handsome black lab-mix adopted from the animal shelter.

Gentle Jake and Little Sara

And remembering even further back with the dogs we had during our childhood in the Philippines, we had Angel (a ferociously loyal German Sheppard mix) and her all white puppy, who we named Devil.  We also had dogs named Peso and Dollar.

Grandson Jun’s teacher talked about antonyms / opposites during my classroom volunteer time yesterday.  Did we think we had to follow an antonym rule upon naming our pets back then?  Maybe that is what got me thinking of this topic…

How about your family’s pet names?  People names or other?

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