Do Froggies Say Ko-Kak or Ribbit-Ribbit?

When my daughter was about 4, she asked me what sounds frogs made, and having grown up in the Philippines, I replied “Ko-Kak, Ko-Kak”.  She then went to her Dad asking the same question, and of course, being an American, he said “Ribbit-Ribbit”.

Frog on Lily Pad

Photo by Rosemary Ratcliff,

What to do when you are a four-year old multi-cultural little girl?  Why, combine the two sounds of course, and she happily hopped around the house saying “Ko-Kak, Ribbit, Ko-Kak, Ribbit, Ko-Kak, Ribbit”.

We always remembered this story, because together her combined froggy sounded, well… so cute.

We have read some fun books on animal sounds that my grandchildren enjoy.

The first is called Mung-Mung, A fold-out book of Animal Sounds.

It is by Linda Sue Park with illustrations by Diane Bigda. (Charlesbridge, 2004).


The second is Everywhere the Cow says Moo!, by Ellen Slusky Weinstein and illustrated by Kenneth Andersson.

(Boyds Mills Press, 2008)


Mung Mung has many animal sounds from English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Filipino, Italian, Russian, Polish, Hindi, German and Swedish, Arabic and French.

Everywhere the Cow says Moo! is focused only on English, Spanish, French and Japanese.

Both books are about the same number of pages and have great pictures and fun placement of text, which my grandchildren had fun with (works well with their ages 4 and 6).

Let me know if you would like to add other similar books to this post so we can learn more animal sounds from different cultures.

Lola Jane


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