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  1. I purchased some Talapia from my market. I was told it came from Oregon..USA. I phoned again today and it was confirmed that the origin of the Talapia is Ecuador. Can I feel safe eating it? Thank you

  2. Hi Diane, my original article — Tilapia, Top Aquaculture Fish — list links on reports, including from the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program, which does list tilapia from Equador as a “good alternative” for U.S. tilapia consumers.

    The 1st choice though, is to find tilapia sourced from the United States. Please do visit the other tilapia articles on Lolako.com

    County of Origin for tilapia fish sold locally (Whole foods and Costco is a good source for safe tilapia fish, as listed on guidelines from the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program).

    Also visit

    Found: U.S. Farmed Tilapia to get ideas on where you might look for U.S. farmed tilapia.

  3. I have enjoyed reading about your Saguaro cacti. I was looking for information on how long the seeds are viable. in 1988 I was in Arizona to see George Strait in concert, and recently when I moved I found a little packet of Saguaro Seeds with the name “Desert Gatherings” on it. I think I picked it up at the airport or the hotel back in 1988.. The packet has never been opened, and I am wondering if the seeds might still germinate. What do you think?? Thanks. Linda

    • Thank you for your comment on my saguaro (Carnegiea gigantea) cacti post, Linda.

      Amazing what you find when you move…

      Although the seeds are old at over 20 years (some seeds are only viable for a season after drying) your cactus seeds may still be viable, depending on the storage conditions…so it would not hurt to try an experiment. Divide the seeds perhaps, and try to grow a portion following the instruction on the packet?

      I found an article on the Kew Royal Botanic Gardens on what determines how long seeds live (for seed banks)…

      Seeds of all orthodox species react to moisture level and storage temperature in the same, predictable, manner but some species are inherently longer-lived than others. Under typical seed bank conditions (15% seed eRH, -20° C storage temperature), cactus seeds would survive for ~2428 years, lettuce seeds ~1537 years, sunflower ~464 years, and Ranunculus sp. ~242 years.

      So, at least for seed banks, it turns out cactus seeds survive the longest!

      • Very interesting, and amazing. Thank you, I will try an experiment in a few months and see what happens with my saguaro seeds. Happy Holidays to you ~ Linda

  4. I live on the east coast in a little town in Virginia. I am trying to find talapia not from China. Thanks for posting this. I will keep looking.

    • Keep us posted on what you find in your area, Linda. Considering that 50% of the world’s tilapia supply comes from China, most of what is sold in the USA will be from China.

      Hopefully, better consumer knowledge and demands for sustainably farmed tilapia result in more choices and better labeling for all tilapia sold in the U.S.A., and regulations / policies that improve practices in general for aquaculture. This way, we all can feel good about eating tilapia, which after all, is a good source of protein and dubbed as “wonder fish”.

      New visitors to Lola Jane’s blog…tilapia related articles can be accessed by clicking here.

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  7. I interested the native products of romblon — I’m romblomanons. Since my work is related to market items to one of the prestigious mall here in the Philippines, what if i can try to market the items like the marble items. thanks

    • Hi Kaye,

      The marble sculptures and products from your area are beautiful — another wonderful expression of Filipino creativity. I’m not not quite sure what your question is though, Kaye. Are you connected with manufacturing or artists that create marble items, or your area’s Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)?

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