Book – Llama Llama Red Pajama

~~We have added this book to our Favorites page~~

By Anna Dewdney

An instant family favorite, this book was a gift from Jun and Gabriel’s great-grandmother Nancy.  The rhyming words are fun to read and to hear, and the pictures are so sweet and truly adorable.

The story is about Llama Llama’s bedtime routine and feeling alone after his Mama kisses him goodnight.  The boys — and I think most children — related right away to Llama Llama’s anxiety, impatience, fear and his “Llama-Dramas”.

When we read the part of the story where Llama Llama, feeling afraid, puts his bed cover over his face, the boys ask to pause… so they too could put their own bed covers over their faces.  Only then are they are ready to continue when Llama Llama yells for Mama Llama to RUN RUN RUN!

The worried Mama rushes up to check on Llama Llama, only to find that Llama Llama is OK and was just impatient.  Hands on her waist, these lines from Mama Llama follows:

Baby Llama, what a tizzy!  Sometimes Mama’s very busy.
Please stop all this llama drama and be patient for your Mama.

Anna Dewdney has since written 3 more Llama Llama books.


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