Book – I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More!

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Six year old Jun was already familiar with this book– from his teacher’s classroom.

And it is how I came across the book, during my last day of volunteer time.   I still find it hard to believe that the school year is over!

My task that day was to watch over a group of kids while they watercolor painted — on paper– a drawing of their arm.  They must have recently read the book…

This book is about a little boy who gets into big trouble when caught painting on places he is not supposed to, like the floor, the ceiling, the walls etc.

His Mom yells “Ya Ain’t a-Gonna Paint No More!” and puts away his paints and brushes, far away —or at least she thought—inside the closet’s top shelf.

With his dog’s help and a makeshift stair/ladder, the boy gets his paints and brushes back,  and proceeds to paint his body, one body part at a time.  He paints his dog too.

The rhyming words were great to guess what body part the boy will next paint.  The illustration is fun — black and white until the boy paints— and then so vibrant that it seems the paint may still be wet.

Jun remembered the picture with the painted hand, and before we turned the page warned me it was “scary”.  We turned the page to a picture of a face (on the hand) with ants crawling into the mouth.  He said, “See Lola…I told you!”

He then he declared prior to the painted leg picture page that it was going to be BEAUTIFUL…and it was.

Four year old Gabriel enjoyed it too, though he was more quite than usual. Maybe he was tired, or remembered that he was recently in trouble for taking a green Sharpie pen and writing on the stair and hallway walls.  Oh oh…

By Karen Beaumont and Illustrated by David Catrow.  Published in 2005 by Harcourt.

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