Back to 1st Grade

Tomorrow I am volunteering time in my grandson Jun-Jun’s first grade class.  This is not because I am spilling over with free time right now — in fact it is quite the opposite.  Like most, I have tons of things to do, and have a busy life.  I am not yet a ‘retired’ Lola (grandmother).

Why volunteer then?

Last week I spoke to Jun-Jun’s teacher and asked how things were going.  She is so terrific and dedicated, and I was concerned, especially in light of all the budget challenges and the general mess our lovely state of California is in.  She mentioned that over the last few years, her classroom size has grown from 20, then 26 and now 32!  When one has 32 kids vs. 20 or 26 in the classroom, it is obvious that the time that you can spend with each kid is greatly affected.

I asked what can I do…and she asked if I could spend an hour a week helping out in the classroom.  How can I not give this time to help, and to do this for my Jun-Jun?  I only wish I would have asked sooner.

So tomorrow it is…and with all the presentations and safety training to adults I have done in the course of my career life, do you think I would be afraid of being around a bunch of first graders (OK, 32 first graders to be exact)?  Of course I am!

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One thought on “Back to 1st Grade

  1. I greatly appreciate your help. It is really nice to hear your thoughts on why you decided to give time to a 1st grade classroom, especially when time is so short in our everyday lives. And also, thank you for addressing the issue of growing class sizes…32 students is definitely not the same as 20!

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